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GURA Object Director

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Categories: Object-relational mapping

Latest version: 2.0
Added 2007-12-17

Object-relational mapping tool.
The GURA Object Director takes data from a data source and translates it into any business object. It interacts with the GURA Data Gate to manage the loading, saving and deleting of the data, driven by actions taken on objects.
GURA Object Director comes in two versions: GURA 1 is the variant implementing 1:1 relationships between data source items and business objects. GURA 2 is the variant that implements n:n relationships.

Features include:

Data Translation
- Support for n:n translations between data tables and objects
- Data can be translated from different data sources into the same object or different objects at the same time
- Updates return the data to the data source from which it came from
Translation Rules
- Data translations can be managed at a component or data type level
- Controllable data translations right down to data field specific
- Data translation mapping relationships support same name relationships as well as specific
- Translation criteria allows finer control of data translation
- Translation rules as objects allows inheritance and all object natured features
- Use standard data table keys or define your own in translation rules
- Support for SQL and stored procedures
- Data driven object type creation
- Force checking of data availability during updating
- CRUD operations fully customisable and controllable
- Supports OLE DB databases

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2


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Categories: Persistence - Data-tier

Can access data in any data source that implements an OLE DB Provider.
A data gate implements a standard set of methods for retrieving and saving data to a data source. When used in conjunction with the GURA Object Director or standalone within your application, the GURA OLEDB Data Gate provides the tools for getting data in and out of your data source.

Features include:
- Supports all OLE DB databases (SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, PostgreSQL, AS400, etc.)
- Database type tokens available to customise actions for specific databases
- Multiple implementations of CRUD methods
- All CRUD method available in asynchronous mode
- Supports scalar, non-query and reader calls
- Auto command generation available
- Smart caching of database information to reduce round trips
- Automatically generates procedure parameters
- Registration of in-memory data replaces database round trip
- Empty loading of tables
- Transactions are fully supported on databases that implements it
- One central data gate can provide simultaneous data gate sessions

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2
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