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Data Dynamics

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ActiveReports for .NET

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Categories: Reporting

Latest version: 3.0 Build
Added 2003-05-20Updated 2006-07-23

Managed implementation of the ActiveReports engine and report viewer.

Features include:
- Write code behind reports in either C# or VB.NET using the VS editor.
- Export filters for PDF, Excel, RTF, HTML, text and Tiff images.
- An ASP.NET server control to help you set up web client viewer options
- A customizable Windows Forms viewer control that offers split and multipage views, text searches, table of contents, a customizable toolbar, zooming and report preview capabilities, and page thumbnails.
- Component tray that provides support for design-time use of .NET data components.
- Support for C# and VB.NET scripting.
- Support for web services.
- ReportInfo control.
- Integrated Chart control.
- RichText control with support for RTF tables and HTML tags.
- Support for databinding to classes that implement the IList interface.
- Supports OleDB, SQL Server, and XML Datasources, along with ADO.NET (Data Readers, Data Tables, DataViews, and DataSets).
- Crystal and Access import utilities.

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2

Data Dynamics Reports

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Categories: Reporting

Latest version:
Added 2007-06-28

Reporting toolkit.
Based on the Report Definition Language (RDL), Data Dynamics Reports integrates into Web and Windows Forms applications and provides an API with which to create and modify reports.

Features include:
- Supports SQL Server, OLE DB, Oracle, XML, ADO.NET DataSets, .NET objects, and custom data sources
- Data Visualization functions: Icon Set, Data Bar, Range Bar, Color Scale
- Master Reports: Share common report items, data sources, data sets, and report parameters
- Report Themes: Implement a standard look and feel across reports including colors, images, and font styles
- Reports can be rendered to multiple targets: Multiple Image Formats, Word, XHTML + CSS, PDF, and XML
- Windows Forms Viewer control provides complete access to all report features
- ASP.NET Viewer Control uses AJAX for page reload free report viewing and provides access to all report features
- Report Designer Control allows end-users to create reports
- Table, Matrix (aka Crosstab), Chart, Banded List, and List data regions allow for different ways of looking at data
- Barcode and Formatted Text report items allow report authors to place a barcode or XHTML + CSS in reports

Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2

SharpGraph for .NET

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Categories: Charting

Latest version: 1.0
Added 2005-04-16

Charting tool for Windows Forms applications integrated with Visual Studio .NET.
SharpGraph offers built-in support for 2D and 3D chart types, data binding capability, completely customizable graph elements such as titles, labels, legends, and more.

Additional features include:
- Supports control over advanced 3D chart settings, including light source and spatial orientation
- Supports anti-aliasing of chart text and graphics
- Supports data binding to data sets, data tables, and arrays
- Provides support for unbound data
- Supports serialization to XML so graphs can be saved and loaded at run time
- Supports exporting graphs to image formats including BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, and PNG
- Provides support for exporting graphs to SVG
- Allows graphs to be exported to multiformat Clipboard

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
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