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Dew Research

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Dew Lab Studio

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Categories: Math - Logic - AI - Rules

Latest version: 2.1
Added 2006-06-19

Object-oriented numerical library.
Dew Lab Studio includes MtxVec (math library) and DSP Master (signal processing) and Stats Master (statistical analysis).

Features include:
- Symmetric multiprocessing
- Supports multi-core CPU's and symmetric multiprocessing for most matrix based linear algebra operations.
- Takes advantage of SSE2/SSE3 vectorized instruction sets of Intel's latest CPUs.
- LAPACK-based.
- Support for complex numbers for all functions.
- Set of matrix and vector functions and operators.
- Solver for banded sparse matrices, Iterative sparse solvers, Direct sparse solver for non-symmetric matrices. Conversions support Banded, Dense, Sparse and Triplets matrix formats.
- 23 probability distributions (PDF, CDF and inverse CDF function), special functions, optimization routines, random generators and distribution parameter estimation.
- Vectorized math expression parser and evaluator.
- 1D and 2D FFT's, correlations and autocorrelations.
- Arbitrary functions of matrix including square root of matrix and logarithm of matrix.
- Statistics: Descriptive statistics; Hypothesis testing; Weighted/unweigted linear and multiple linear regression; Weighted/unweighted non-linear regression; Time series analysis; PCA, multivariante analysis...
- Signal processing: IIR filters; FIR filters with complete filter design support; Component-based filter design editor; Non-linear filters; Spectral analysis, cross spectral analysis and higher order bispectral analysis; Conversions between different forms of transfer function; Audio recording and playback components; Interpolated FIR filters, DCT/IDCT; Rate conversion.

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Source code provided
Source code provided
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