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Categories: Code generation

Latest version: 5.0.1
Added 2004-07-21Updated 2007-01-16

Development environment to build custom code generators complying with specific architectures and frameworks.
Mia-Generation provides a dynamic bridge between analysis and design, and supports iterative cycles by preserving user defined code fragments between two generations. Generation rules are specified with an IDE dedicated to generator building.

Features include:
- Support of UML 2, but open to any other meta-model
- Open to any file format for input models : can be connected to major modeling tools.
- Template based generation engine
- Java as script language
- Modular architecture
- Support for iterative development cycles (can preserve hand-written code)
- Built-in support for UML Profiles
- Facilities for generators deployment
- Plug-ins for Eclipse, JBuilder, Visual Studio .NET, BEA WebLogic Workshop

Mia-Generation Boosters provide you with Mia-Generation customizable project files (a set of generation scripts) and UML profiles for transforming your UML models into platform-specific code:
- Mia for .NET: produce .NET multi-layered architecture
- Struts Generator: produce Struts based applications
- JSF Generator: produce JavaServer Faces (JSF) based applications
- OJB Generator: produce an Object/Relational mapping layer (and associated Java Objects) using ObjectRelationnalBridge - OJB from the Apache DB Project.
- Hibernate Generator: provides the capability to use Mia-Generation to produce an Object/Relational mapping layer (and associated Java Objects) using Hibernate.

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2
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