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Categories: Grid computing

Latest version: 1.0 Beta
Added 2005-03-28Updated 2005-07-13

Open source software framework that allows you to aggregate the computing power of networked machines into a virtual supercomputer (computational grid) and to develop applications to run on the grid.

Alchemi includes:
- The runtime machinery (Windows executables) to construct computational grids.
- A .NET API and tools to develop .NET grid applications and grid-enable legacy applications.

Alchemi is written for the .NET CLR. Hence all machines running any Alchemi software component must have the .NET Framework installed. Note: While Alchemi has only been tested on Windows, it is conceivable that it could run on Unix-class operating systems as well.
Additionally, the Alchemi API is closely tied in with the .NET CLR and thus can only be used by .NET applications. However, Alchemi does offer support for execution of cross-platform applications via web services. Thus, using the "grid job" model one can write:
- Grid middleware that leverages Alchemi on any platform that supports web services (e.g. Gridbus Grid Server Broker)
- Grid applications that use the "grid job" model (a Java API is under development)

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Free or free version available
Free or free version available
Source code provided
Source code provided
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