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Categories: Licensing

Author: Aspose

Latest version: 1.3
Added 2003-06-10Updated 2004-06-30

.NET software licensing component.
With it, you can:
- Check against preset license fields including License Name, Product, Company, Version, Expired Days, Expired Date, Owner Name, Organization Name, Assembly's Filename, Assembly's Company, Assembly's Product, Assembly's Version, Domain Names, IP Addresses, CPUs, as well as your own custom license fields as many as you expect.
- Store and Distribute license fields via multi-level encypted license files while manage issued licenses via XML, which is easy to install and deploy as it is platform independent as well as database independent.
- License your .NET applications, components and controls both for Windows Forms platform and Web Forms platform.

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Free or free version available
Free or free version available


Categories: Licensing

Author: Secured Dimensions

Latest version: 1.1
Added 2005-09-15

Web-based license and rights management suite that was designed to provide the software vendor, his sales people and his distributors with tools and applications to fit the right pricing model to each one of their prospects. License Manager also provides control and visibility to track and enforce those rules both on end users as well as distributors and sales people.
The License Manager can be deployed by the software vendor in his own site, or can be purchased as a managed hosted service. Moreover, the Floating License server, which is part of the License Manager suite, can be deployed at the end-user site or on the web.

Features include:
- Both software and hardware (dongle) locking mechanisms
- Online activation and floating license control via the Internet
- Time, usage and features-based limitations
- Built-in ERP and CRM interfaces
- Web based license management and issuing suite
- Remote license update (over the Web)

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
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