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Categories: Scripting

Author: ActiveState

Latest version: 1.1
Added 2003-05-20

Enables Perl programmers to use Perl for dynamic content generation on ASP.NET Web servers.

Built for .NET
Built for .NET

.NET Scripting Excel Edition

Categories: Interoperability, Scripting

Author: Trelliswerk

Latest version: 1.0 Prerelease
Added 2005-07-09

Excel add-in that launches an integrated .NET scripting environment, running directly in Excel.
Users can script .NET 'component glue' for accessing web services, ADO.NET and third-party API's and SDK's. Scripts may be invoked from Excel formulas and also via VBA.

Features include:
- Python-derived scripting language
- Command shell for interactive command evaluation and object inspection
- Intellisense features in editor and command shell
- Debugging via .NET source level debugger
- Script invocation from Excel via user-defined functions
- Full access to the Excel object and programming model from .NET scripts
- Full access to the .NET Framework class library and programming model
- VBA interoperable: call any VBA procedure from a script and invoke scripts from VBA

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
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