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Huagati Query Profiler

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Categories: LINQ

Author: Huagati Systems Co.

Latest version: 1.20
Added 2009-10-03Updated 2009-12-11

Runtime profiling tools for LINQ to SQL and LLBLGen Pro.
Huagati Query Profiler is a toolkit that enables runtime profiling of LINQ to SQL, and LLBLGen Pro based software accessing SQL Server databases. It consists of the Huagati Linq-to-SQL Profiler and Huagati LLBLGen Profiler runtime components, and a profiler log explorer application.

The runtime components are designed to be integrated and distributed with applications that are using either LINQ to SQL, or LLBLGen Pro for accessing SQL Server. The runtime components add functionality to log and profile database query cost and performance throughout the lifespan of an application; during development, test, and in live production environments. Runtime filters allow application developers to target specific SQL query behavior such as excessive reads, excessive execution times, table scans, queries with no matching indexes, and many other scenarios that can have an impact on database and application performance.

Use the profiler to proactively detect potential performance bottlenecks, and to gain an understanding of how your applications interact with the underlying database(s).

Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2
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