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Nolics.net 2005

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Categories: Object-relational mapping

Author: Nolics

Latest version: 4.2
Added 2005-08-09Updated 2007-01-04

O/R mapping tool for Visual Studio 2005 that allows developers to build database applications using objects only, using any .NET language.

Features include:
- Use a Domain Specific Language to handle the persistence of objects
- Changes to the object model are made to the classes while the schema is updated automatically (no intermediate mapping files, no mapping tools, and no mandatory embedded SQL)
- Data stored to database in normalized SQL form
- Accesses all data by default through views and stored procedures (CRUD rocedures customizable via XSLT)
- Import existing legacy databases, produce classes from schema
- Heterogenous groups of objects can be handled easily as a single unit
- Datasource model allows to change a datasource into a Web Service
- No base class requirement, Supports full inheritance
- Lazy-loading and optimizing cache
- Full versioning and history journaling
- Supports relation handling
- Supports the identity principle
- Supports data binding for both Windows Forms and ASP.NET
- Supports object level transactions (i.e. the object has an undo state)
- Supports user defined types and SQL Server 2005 UDTs
- Compatible with SQL Server 2000/2005/Express, Oracle 8.1.7 and above

Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2
Free or free version available
Free or free version available
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