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Persistent Datasets

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Categories: Object-relational mapping, Persistence - Data-tier

Author: The Last Component

Latest version: 2.0.3
Added 2005-09-13Updated 2006-10-21

O/R mapper and persistence layer generator based on the native DataSets with integrated native queries engine.

Features include:
- Allows writing 100% typed code using typed queries technology similar to DLINQ
- Supports DataSets and Domain Objects patterns.
- Mapping to tables, views, and stored procedures including procedure’s result sets
- Keeps your application code synchronized with database modifications
- Offers n-tier workflow including GUI binding
- Supports database identities, sequence generators
- Optimistic concurrency using database timestamps and locking fields
- Visual Studio integration including SourceSafe support
- Transactions
- Generating enumerations for basic tables
- Nullable generics support
- Inheritance
- Cascade load, save, update, delete and insert of hierarchical data
- SQL Server, Oracle support
- C#, VB support
- Cache by query
- Clustered cache
- ASP paging support
- DataSets inheritance

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2
Source code provided
Source code provided
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