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Salamander .NET Decompiler

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Categories: Decompilation

Author: Remotesoft

Latest version: 2.0
Added 2003-05-20Updated 2006-01-20

Decompiler that converts executable files (.EXE or .DLL) from Intermediate Language (IL, MSIL, CIL) binary format to high-level source codes, such as C#, Managed C++, Visual Basic.NET, etc.

Features include:
- support generics introduced by .NET Framework 2.0
- recognizes all .NET language constructs, such as attributes, properties, events, fields, methods and nested types
- automatically recognizes different compilers, and generates corresponding target languages, such as C#, Managed C++, Visual Basic.NET and J#
- supports unsafe codes and pointer arithmetics, fixed statement
- generate Visual Studio .NET project files for easy recompilation
- supports .h and .cpp file generation for MC++. Dependency analysis enables the correct .h files to be included in a .cpp file
- comments are generated along with the source codes when API documentation is available
- recognizes all CIL instructions, handles address type instructions correctly

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2
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