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Total .NET XRef

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Categories: IDEs - IDE add-ins

Author: FMS

Latest version: 1.1
Added 2003-05-20Updated 2005-03-22

Cross references your code in real-time.
Highlight a class, variable, method, member, property, or any other code element you've defined, and Total .NET XRef builds a list of all references to that item. You can see everywhere an item is used, and navigate through the list to see how your code really works.

Features include:
- Determine the cost of changes: With Total .NET XRef, you can see the number of places a proposed change would affect, making it easier to determine the cost of the change and determine whether or not the change is justified.
- Visual Studio .NET Integration: Total .NET XRef appears as a toolwindow in the IDE.
- Right-click on any name in code you have defined and Total .NET XRef builds a list of every reference to that name.
- The XRef list shows the class name, member name, line and column, type of reference, and a preview of the line of code containing the reference.
- Supports C# and Visual Basic .NET code.
- Sort or group the list in any way you want. Multiple group levels are supported.
- As you change your code, the background parser keeps up to date, making new calls fast.
- You can send the entire contents of the of the XRef list to an HTML page for printing, saving, or emailing.

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
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