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Categories: Testing

Latest version: 3.0
Added 2006-02-14

Quality management dashboard that enables tracking of application quality early in the software development life-cycle.

With Convergence, teams can:
- Determine if new code is being unit tested
- Track and understand code growth with respect to test coverage
- Identify areas to focus on to detect defects
- Identify the cause of test failures
- Uncover practices that impair maintainability and increase risk

Unlike static build reports, which convey limited information, Convergence tracks and relates multiple data points, enabling teams to understand and report on application quality through a unified focus on:
- NUnit/JUnit test statuses, code coverage and outputs
- Source code and code changes in CM systems like CVS and Subversion
- Assembly/package and class dependencies
- Code size, code audits, complexity and coupling
- NUnit/JUnit test & defect report relationships in defect tracking systems like JIRA and Bugzilla

Built for .NET
Built for .NET


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Categories: Interoperability, Miscellaneous,

Latest version: 3.0
Added 2006-02-14

Powers software applications with integration technologies.
Integration operations are defined through a user interface. These operations are then available via a web-based integration console and an integration engine that guarantees delivery, processing, logging, security and accessibility.

Features include:
- No architectural dependencies
- Finite integration definitions
- Guaranteed delivery
- Managed database commits: heterogeneous two-phase commits ensure that data in disparate applications remains synchronized
- Logging: enables engineers to pinpoint what errors occurred and why; also available to customers of your application
- Security: data encryption and role-based nonrepudiation are provided
- Enterprise integration: procedural abstraction web services; code generation (Java, VB.NET and C#); guaranteed message delivery; cross platform (J2EE and .NET) interoperability; secure communications; logged transactions; integration reporting scheduling; aggregation and distribution

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
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