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Zsolt Petrény

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Categories: Decompilation, Object browsing - Assembly viewers, Profiling - Debugging,

Latest version: 0.25
Added 2006-01-03Updated 2007-03-05

DILE (Dotnet IL Editor) is a decompiler and an IL debugger.
It allows managed application to be debugged without having the source code and it can help to understand what is going on in the background as even the .NET Framework assemblies can be debugged. Works both on x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) operating systems.

Disassembling features:
- displaying IL code
- generics support
- quick search by different categories (classes, methods, fields, tokens, etc.)
- supports both 32 and 64-bit assemblies

Debugger features:
- both v1.1 and v2.0 applications can be debugged
- allows debugging dynamic assemblies
- attaching to process/detaching; starting new process to debug with arguments
- stepping in/out/over on the IL level
- setting instruction pointer; run to cursor
- debuggee can be stopped on specific events (e.g.: CreateThread, LoadAssembly)
- MDA (Managed Debug Assistant) notifications
- adding/removing/activating/deactivating breakpoints
- "Object Viewer" to check the current value of an object's properties and fields or evaluate expressions, call methods
- text displayer form to quickly view strings with or without escape characters as simple text or html
- call stack; local variables/arguments; debug messages; debugging events; modules; threads; watch panel
- filter on which exceptions to stop the debuggee
- decimal or hexadecimal number display

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2
Free or free version available
Free or free version available
Source code provided
Source code provided
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