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Crypto Obfuscator For .Net

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Categories: Code protection - Obfuscation

Author: LogicNP Software

Latest version: v2013
Added 2009-09-15Updated 2013-02-24

Code protection, obfuscation and optimization for .NET assemblies.
Crypto Obfuscator For .Net combines obfuscation, encryption and optimization techniques to provide protection and performance to your .NET code against reverse-engineering.

Features include:
- Symbol renaming (cryptographic, normal, unprintable, fake and test renaming schemes)
- Overload renaming
- Method encryption (hide & encrypt IL code)
- Method call hiding
- String encryption
- Constant/array encryption
- Control flow obfuscation
- ILDASM protection
- Automatic exception reporting
- XAML/BAML obfuscation
- XAP file support
- Anti-reflection protection
- Anti-decompiler protection
- Tamper detection
- Anti-debug and anti-tracer protection
- Resource encryption and compression
- Assembly embedding, encryption and compression
- Digital watermarking for license tracking
- Metadata reduction
- Runtime performance optimizations
- Supports all versions of the .NET framework from 1.0 to 4.5, the .NET Compact Framework, Silverlight, XNA, Windows Phone, WinRT, and more
- Visual Studio, MSBuild and ClickOnce integration

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 4
Built for .NET 4
Built for Silverlight
Built for Silverlight
Built for the Compact Framework
Built for the Compact Framework
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