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Exception Hunter

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Categories: Code analysis - Standards verifiers, Profiling - Debugging

Author: Red Gate Software

Latest version: 2.1
Added 2008-08-07Updated 2011-01-07

Analyzes your .NET assembly for possible exceptions.
Exception Hunter is an analysis tool that finds and reports the set of possible exceptions your functions might throw – before you ship. With it, you can locate unhandled exceptions, down to the line of code that is throwing the exceptions.

Features include:
- Analysis engine for predicting the possible set of exceptions that can be thrown by a function
- Directly analyze ASP.NET applications. It is possible to analyze web applications using their .aspx file, avoiding a complicated process to compile the ASP.NET code.
- Find your method by using the navigation bar, which allows you to drill from assembly down to method level
- List of unhandled exceptions and their stack traces to see the different situations in which these exceptions were thrown
- View the source of methods, to show which lines throw which exceptions
- Choose to display only documented exceptions
- Run Exception Hunter locally on a development PC
- Generate reports from Exception Hunter's UI (without needing to go through the command-line)

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 4
Built for .NET 4
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