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LMD DesignPack .NET

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Categories: Rich client UI

Author: LMD Innovative

Latest version: 1.0
Added 2007-10-24

Solution that exposes the MS design-time infrastructure to Windows Forms applications at run-time.

Features include:
- Visual designers can be created and shown for any pre-created form or control instance or for any type derived from System.Windows.Forms.UserControl
- The visual designer provided by the LMDDesignSurface allows components of the designed from/control to be selected, moved and resized
- Components can be added to the designed from/control from the LMD Toolbox
- Components can be removed from the designed from/control (pressing the DEL key removes the selected component(s))
- Properties of the components can be viewed and modified (including selection of event handlers) by using the LMDPropertyGrid control - an enhanced version of the standard .NET PropertyGrid control with native support for EventsTab and integration with other LMD DesignPack.NET components
- Event handlers for components' events can be selected from two sources: 1. the compiled assembly which contains the designed form/control and 2. script code written by the end-user
- Event handler function declarations are generated automatically when the event handler cell of the EventsTab is double-clicked
- A number of services (in terms of the MS design infrastructure) are provided by the LMD DesignPack which can be used by any property editors and component designers
- All the changes made to the designed form/control are effective immediately at the application's run-time when the design-time mode of the LMDDesignSurface is turned off
- The designed form/control can be saved to and loaded from an XML document

Built for .NET
Built for .NET
Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2
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