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Categories: Frameworks, Graphics, IDEs - IDE add-ins, RAD - Dev automation

Author: RealmWare Corporation

Latest version: Beta 1.3
Added 2006-03-20Updated 2007-09-05

Shader-based 3D engine and design toolset for rapid development of 3D games and simulations built on .NET and XNA.
Visual3D.NET provides a visual authoring environment for the design, development, and rapid prototyping of interactive 3D applications including PC and Xbox 360 games, Massive-multiplayer online games (MMOs), simulations, marketing demos, visualizations, engineering environments, and other 3D virtual worlds. This platform is not geared exclusively towards game development, but instead provides a suite of visual tools for rapid, component-based construction of scenes, object behaviors, application workflow, and action sequences as well as tools for application module management and object prototyping.

Features include:
- 3D engine with middleware technologies including 3D Graphics, Animation, GUIs, Physics, Audio, Input, Networking, AI Behaviors
- Shader-based 3D graphics with normal mapping, displacement mapping, shadows, terrain, dynamic visual effects
- Construct environments from objects
- Prototype actors with behaviors for interactivity
- Script Logic with C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, C++, Java, Python, and Script Diagrams
- Extend the world, engine, and toolset with Visual Studio
- Deploy on PC and Xbox 360 with XNA Framework
- Expand with end-user modding and scenario creation
- Continue using tailored tools and reusable content for the next worlds...

Built for .NET 2
Built for .NET 2
Free or free version available
Free or free version available
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